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Franconia Children’s Center is a non-profit preschool and child care facility nestled in the heart of the North Country of Northern NH. FCC is committed to providing social, emotional, and intellectual guidance and support to children 6-weeks to 6-years of age.


At FCC, our classrooms provide a nurturing environment where each child will be encouraged and exposed to literature, music, art, and a wide range of age-appropriate academic experiences. FCC promotes the philosophy that we are all unique and valuable individuals worthy of respect and love. 


Franconia Children's Center opened its doors in 1978. Through the hard work of dedicated staff, community members, and committed parents, the school has been serving the North Country for over 40 years. As the North Country sees continued growth, Franconia Children’s Center continues to adapt to the needs of the surrounding communities. It is the early friendships and learning opportunities a student receives that provides them the foundation and support needed to grow through FCC’s program and beyond.

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