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Early Learning Curriculum

Math & Science

Creative Arts

Child Led Play

A love for reading

Music & Movement



Beginning in our toddler classroom, our educators implement an early learning curriculum crafted not only to ready children for Kindergarten but also to stimulate their curiosity, expand their interests, and foster a strong sense of self and community.


Through interactive learning experiences, children actively seek opportunities to discover the world around them. We firmly believe that by equipping them with the tools to inquire "Why" and "How Many," children will naturally cultivate a passion for the foundational concepts of mathematics and science.


Children benefit greatly from numerous opportunities for active play throughout the day. Our facility offers a comprehensive indoor playground complete with a climbing wall, gymnastics mats, and various gross motor activities. Additionally, our fenced-in yard provides ample space for exploration, featuring numerous climbing structures. Through these engaging activities, we not only build character and form new friendships but also enhance our gross motor skills.


In our classrooms, we integrate daily creative arts activities into the curriculum. Children are provided with opportunities to enhance their fine motor skills and grasp new concepts through artistic expression. Our preschoolers curate portfolios consisting of writing samples, assessments, and artwork, which they take pleasure in sharing with one another and their families.


Imagination serves as the cornerstone of learning. Through engaging in dramatic play, sensory activities, and other child-led experiences, children embark on a journey of learning, exploration, and discovery. Each day, we provide ample opportunities for self-guided play, allowing children to unleash their creativity and curiosity in a nurturing environment.


Reading holds a special place in our hearts! Our expansive library and daily scheduled sessions for both teacher-led and child-led reading ensure that our children have the chance to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of books. Whether it's embarking on adventures to the moon or exploring the depths of the ocean with sea creatures, the magic of a good book knows no bounds, allowing us to journey anywhere our imagination takes us!


Many of life's most cherished moments are intertwined with music. Whether it's a whimsical tune, a spirited game of tag, or dancing with scarves (or even bags of ice!), children find joy and expression through music and movement.

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